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HZ 明朝介紹

這是一個免費的OpenType cid的日文字體,來自字形維基(GlyphWiki)的CJK數據,有5個字重。

拉丁文、希臘文和西裡爾字母並非源自字形維基(GlyphWiki),而是源自Computer Modern Unicode,因為GlyphWiki的Kage引擎是為中文字符設計的。

一些符號來自M+字體和GL Antique字體。

This is a free/libre OpenType CID-keyed Japanese font derived from GlyphWiki's CJK data, with weight variations.

Latin, Greek and Cyrillic glyphs are not derived from GlyphWiki but from Computer Modern Unicode because GlyphWiki's Kage engine is intended for Chinese characters and not good at LGC.

Some symbols are from M+ fonts and GL Antique font.




HZ 明朝字體可以以任何方式使用,包括但不限於複製、修改、分發或銷售副本,只要您遵守Computer Modern Unicode的X11許可條款(字體嵌入除外)。這項許可與商業無關。

This font is composed of some individual fonts available under their open source licenses.

HZMincho font may be used in any way, including, but not limited to, copying, modifying, distributing, or selling copies, as long as you follow the terms of Computer Modern Unicode's X11 license with font embedding exception. This permission is regardless of commerciality.




GlyphWiki's license,See GlyphWiki:License.

All glyphs at GlyphWiki are free to any use and comes with no warranty.

The glyphs registered at the GlyphWiki, as well as the articles, can be freely used by anyone. Reuse of this data, such as reproduction or modification of the glyps, is permitted. The are no specific restrictions with regards to displaying the author's name. Reuse of GlyphWiki data as the basis for a new font, or direct usage of fonts and glyphs copied from GlyphWiki in published work is allowed. GlyphWiki does not hold copyright on any citations used throughout GlyphWiki articles. Please consult their respective licences when reusing such content.

Computer Modern Unicode許可證:http://canopus.iacp.dvo.ru/~panov/cm-unicode/license.html





HZ 明朝下載地址
安裝後在PS、AI、word等軟件中若找不到該字體,可搜索名字「HZ 明朝」。